Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ evenings/afternoons/mornings are held once per term, except for the last term in an academic year. At these visits, parents will have the opportunity to view the children’ books. However, should either the parent or the school feel the need to discuss any aspect concerning the learner, this will be welcomed, after an appropriate appointment has been set up, after normal school hours..

Parent-Principal Meetings

Remember your first point of contact with the school is your child's communication book. You may liaise with your child's teacher this way, however if you feel you are not achieving your desired outcome using this method of communication, please note the following:

Appointments with an Educator may be made and confirmed via e-mail to    


Reading homework is given to all learners from grade R, daily.  It is important that reading be done consistently.  Homework may also include mathematics and projects.



A letter explaining absenteeism must be handed to the class teacher on the first day that the learner returns to school. Should absenteeism negatively affect a child’s progress, the Educator will contact the parents by phone/email. No learner may leave the school grounds during school hours unless a parent/guardian has submitted a request in writing in advance. No relative will be allowed to collect a child during school hours unless this has been arranged with a parent/guardian, and the parent/guardian has sent a request in writing in advance.


ALL persons requesting to see a learner or collect a learner during school hours are required to sign the visitor’s register. 


The school has a code of Conduct.  It is expected that the conduct of all learners will be beyond reproach, and when disciplined, the learner will be expected to be courteous and obedient. 

Sport/Physical Education

We suggest parents allow their children to join clubs which cater for sport which need large spaces as our grounds are not conducive to these needs.  However, we offer a good physical education curriculum, partake in miniature soccer/cricket/netball/vollyball, and assure parents our children receive a great deal of exercise. 


School Uniform

Kersten College has an exclusive contract with VIVA Sports, situated at 10 Olivier St, Florida, ( ph. 011 672 7562), off the ‘Highway Road’ opposite Florida Park High School sports grounds. The full range of uniform MUST be purchased at VIVA only. It is our policy that learners wear the appropriate uniform at all times. Mondays and Wednesdays children to come to school wearing sports attire. For the full school uniform list, please visit our downloads page.

Managing of Assessments

Assessment of all grades will take place on a continuous basis.  Please be assured that should a child not be achieving the standard required, the educator or Head of Department will inform the parent/guardian of such and will discuss the ‘way forward’.   However, as our classes will remain small in number, maximum 26 children (up to 28 in a short-term emergency), the school will do its utmost to endeavor to pay personal attention to every learner.

First Aid

The Educators and housekeepers at Kersten College have attended First Aid Training, and our First Aid Kit is of the highest standard.

Sick Policy

  1. Learners who are ill should not come to school as we  have a small sick bay, and do not have nursing staff to attend to them.
  2. Should a learner become sick during the day, the class teacher will ensure the parent/guardian is informed and the child may only be fetched by the parent/guardian.
  3. Should a child have an Infectious Disease, as identified by a doctor, the child can only be readmitted to school on production of a medical certificate.
  4. If a child is away longer than 3 days, the school will need a medical certificate.
  5. The school will not administer any oral medication to any learner.  Medication sent to school with any learner must be accompanied by a letter of explanation and the medication must be handed over to the class teacher 

Safe Environment Policy

All blood, open wounds, sores, breaks in the skin, grazes and open skin lesions, as well as all body fluids and excretions, which could be stained or contaminated   with blood ( example, tears, saliva, mucus, phlegm, urine, faeces and puss) will be treated as potentially infectious.  Skin exposed accidentally to blood will be washed immediately with soap and running water.  All bleeding wounds will be cleaned immediately with running water and/or other antiseptics.  

All persons attending to blood spills, open wounds, sores, breaks in the skin, grazes, open skin lesions, body fluids and excretions, will wear protective latex gloves.  Any surface contaminated with any of the aforementioned will be cleaned with running water and fresh household bleach (1:10) solution.  The person doing the cleaning will wear protective gloves or plastic bags.  

Blood contaminated material will be sealed in a plastic bag and either burnt or sent to an appropriate disposal firm. 

Our Commitment

We assure you we shall do our utmost best at all times to ensure your child receives above average academic education/ leadership training/ good behavioural skills, to stand him/her in good stead to meet the challenges of any high school your child will attend hereafter.  A number of our Grade 7 learners have ‘Prefect’ status and are assigned a set of rules/responsibilities, under the watchful eyes and ears of the Director and Educators.

Yours faithfully  

Mrs. E M Balloch - Director