Admissions Policy

The school is an Ordinary Private school and will be unable to accommodate learners with true special education needs. However, the school will NOT place more than 26 learners (up to 28 in an emergency) in any class. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING COVID CRISIS CLASSROOMS WILL ONLY ACCOMMODATE HALF THE NUMBER OF LEARNERS.  LEARNERS IN GRADE 7 WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND SCHOOL DAILY AND ALL OTHER GRADES WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND SCHOOL ON ALTERNATE DAYS, ALTHOUGH FILMED LESSONS WILL BE SENT OUT DAILY VIA WHAT'SAPP. Kersten College is willing to accommodate learners deemed as ‘behind their peers’ elsewhere, as these learners may, due to the small numbers which means more individual tuition, be able to catch up with their peers.  The Kersten College Principal and staff will at all times be honest with parents in terms of the child’s progress or otherwise.

Physically disabled learners who are wheelchair bound will be accommodated as there are ramps built within the premises as well as inside the school building allowing such learners to move freely.

ALL ordinary learners who are of the appropriate age group will be admitted subject to the payment of the school fees, as well as availability of class numbers, and total learners allowed as per the Health Department’s Certificate, and there will be NO unfair discrimination against any learner in respect of race, gender, nor religious affiliation.

The school will strive for the recognition, protection and respect of freedom of belief, religion and speech.

The school motto is ‘Knowledge, Friendship, Integrity’, which are depicted in the School Coat of Arms as 3 Gold Stars, and these principles will be adhered to at all times, as well as the five core values, namely Truth, Love, Peace, Right Action and Non violence.


Mrs. E M Balloch (School Director)