We warmly welcome you to come through and view the school to have a feel of the nurturing atmosphere that Kersten College provides in our approach to Education.


Yours faithfully  

Mrs. E M Balloch - Director

Click and Download the videos below for a virtual viewing of our beautiful school!

Grade R.mp4 Grade R.mp4
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Grade 1.mp4 Grade 1.mp4
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Grade 2.mp4 Grade 2.mp4
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Grade 3.mp4 Grade 3.mp4
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Grade 4.mp4 Grade 4.mp4
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Grade 5.mp4 Grade 5.mp4
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Grade 6.mp4 Grade 6.mp4
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Grade 7.mp4 Grade 7.mp4
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Playground and lunch area.mp4 Playground and lunch area.mp4
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