A secure and affordable future for your child.

School Mission

We want our school to be known as a caring school where all students gain the confidence to become positive, quality, learners. The school will provide a nurturing, caring, stable environment and academic excellence while preparing its students for life long learning.

Our School Vision

The school will strive for the recognition, protection and respect of freedom of belief, religion and speech.  The school will utilise the Gauteng Department of Education learning guidelines.  Having studied a number of ‘other’ curriculums, we truly feel this syllabus is academically, the most appropriate, is well rounded, and compares favourably to the best in the world.  Our main ‘Readers’ are published by the commercial arm of the NGO “READ”, ‘Reading Matters’, which company can be found on the Internet. These readers are very appropriate for South Africa and depict our wonderful diversity in cultural aspects, as well as our animals and bird life.

Director's Message

Welcome to Kersten College.  Here, we strive to ensure every learner is happy in our nurturing and caring environment, and want a child to feel ‘at home’.  We are certainly firm, yet fair, and ensure we do our utmost best to offer some personal tuition to every child who needs it and is willing to do his/her part in completing each term’s curriculum

Our school offers more than the ABC.  We believe in holistic education, including values, principles, and good manners.  An assembly is conducted each morning, and includes a weekly theme, for example, manners, love, bullying, etc:  We end each assembly, which lasts no more than about 10 minutes, with our National Anthem which the children and staff sing with pure gusto and pride. 

A child does not have to understand the English language when starting at our school.    Children are able to learn a new language within a few short months, and assure you the lack of knowledge of the English language does not negatively affect the child’s ability to learn in any way.

You may ask whether the school is affiliated to a specific religion.  The answer is no, we welcome and respect children and parents of all religions as we feel humankind’s core values and principles are the same for all.  We strongly believe in non violence, integrity, love, truth, peace, ethics and right action, and are not qualified in theology to teach religion at school.  We do, however, celebrate a number of religious days.  

Be assured, your child will receive the best attention at all times at Kersten College, and it is our mission to prepare your child to be able to meet the demands of any high school he/she will attend hereafter.

Elly Balloch (Mrs) Director

Contact Us:

Phone: 011 472 3531

Email: director@kerstencollege.co.za /

Email: secretary@kerstencollege.co.za

Physical Address:

125 Goldman Street,
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