We warmly welcome you to come through and view the school to have a feel of the nurturing atmosphere Kersten College provides in our approach to Education. By appointment ONLY Monday to Thursday between 3pm and 4pm may be made via secretary@kerstencollege.co.za. 

 (Every Friday the school is de-contaminated and deep cleaned following strict COVID-19 protocols)

Kindly please note, due to changes in our current pandemic, you will only be allowed to enter the premises with a mask on and your temperature is below 38 degrees Celsius.

We allow 2 visitors maximum only, with proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate to be presented upon arrival, due to Health and Safety Regulations.

Right of Admission reserved.

Please note that all learners and staff are screened in terms of the Covid-19 protocols prior being allowed entrance onto the school premises.

Social Distancing of 1M as per DBE guidelines as well as sanitizing and hygiene procedures to be followed by ALL staff and learners.

To the best of our abilities Kersten College follows all Covid-19 protocols in accordance with the Health and Safety Act.


We have been able to allow certain Grades to come in Monday to Friday or alternately in groups depending on the numbers per grade.

Filming will be done if and when Lockdown prohibits physical attendance at school.


Yours faithfully  

Mrs. E M Balloch - Director

Click and Download the videos below for a virtual viewing of our beautiful school!

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